Susu Organic Rice

Susu rice comes from organic mentik rice variant that is famous for its aroma and a more savory taste.

Its shape is similar to glutinous rice, and it has white color that looks like milk (thus, the name "susu", which is the Indonesian word for milk). It has a stickier texture making it the perfect choice for making sushi and bento.

Hotel organic rice is free from chemicals, pesticide, and food coloring. It is packed and produced using modern technology to make high quality hygienic and healthy rice that can be consumed by everyone who is living a healthy lifestyle every day.

Hotel organic rice has been scientifically tested in top laboratories and earn certificates as proof of its quality. It also has a license from the authority as safe food products for anyone.

Excellent Taste & Texture

The perfect organic white rice for sushi and bento.

Nutritional Fact

  • 1.78% Fat Content
  • 9.08% Protein Content
  • 1.39% Raw Fiber
  • 73.71% Carbohydrates
  • 347.00kcal / 100g Calories

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