About Us

Our History

Beras Hotel is a product of CV SHINTA RAMA that is located in Tegal, Central Java. Founded as a rice mill in 1973, CV SHINTA RAMA began to develop its range of organic products starting with sugar free organic rice in 2010. This success had initiated the emergence of Beras Hotel brand in 2011.

Yet, it did not stop there. CV SHINTA RAMA continuously develops its products. Until now, Beras Hotel has plenty of variants such as sugar free organic rice, red organic rice, high-quality white organic rice, black organic rice, aromatic brown organic rice, rainbow organic rice (mixture of brown, black, and red organic rice), and many more.

Our Philosophy

The name "Hotel" is chosen as our brand because of the philosophy that we have:

  • H : Halal (MUI certified) and Hygenic (double packaging)
  • O : Organic (certified)
  • T : Trusted (fully certified)
  • E : Enjoyable to eat (great texture and good taste) and Economical (great rice)
  • L : Love to be the cutting edge

The meaning behind our name constantly inspires and motivateso us to produce high quality organic rice.

Quality Assurance

All of our organic products have gone through highly standardized cultivating, processing, and packing procedures that are in sync with the main regulation for organic food products. Not only that, we regularly have our organic rice tested in well-known laboratories. The certificates earned from the results of those lab tests have surely become the guarantee that Beras Hotel organic products are the best, healthiest, and safest choice for anyone who wants to have a healthy eating habit.

Beras Hotel - Healthy Rice, Healthy Life
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