Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Organic Rice is produced as the perfect solution for those of you who find it difficult to choose which rice to consume for your health.

The name "rainbow" comes from the 3 different organic rice variants that are packed into one. Rainbow organic is a combination of organic black rice, organic red rice, and organic white pandan wangi rice.

Hotel organic rice is free from chemicals, pesticide, and food coloring. It is packed and produced using modern technology to make high quality hygienic and healthy rice that can be consumed by everyone who is living a healthy lifestyle every day.

Hotel organic rice has been scientifically tested in top laboratories and earn certificates as proof of its quality. It also has a license from the authority as safe food products for anyone.

Super Rainbow Rice

All the goodness of rice comes in a bag: high fiber, high antioxidants, high nutrition.

Nutritional Fact

  • 1.70% Total Fat
  • 1.46% Saturated Fat
  • 0 Cholesterol
  • 56.08 mg/kg Sodium (Na)
  • 75.31% Total Carbohydrate
  • 6.36% Dietary Fiber
  • 9.23% Protein
  • 189.38 mg/kg Calcium (Ca)
  • 21.53 mg/kg Iron (Fe)
  • 353.46 kcal/100g Calorie

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