Pandan Wangi
Brown Rice

Pandan Wangi Brown Rice is an organic brown rice variant that is famous for its natural pandan aroma, making it more pleasant to be consumed. Planted using organic farming method, our brown rice is free from pesticide nor other chemicals that could harm our health.

Hotel organic rice is free from chemicals, pesticide, and food coloring. It is packed and produced using modern technology to make high quality hygienic and healthy rice that can be consumed by everyone who is living a healthy lifestyle every day.

Hotel organic rice has been scientifically tested in top laboratories and earn certificates as proof of its quality. It also has a license from the authority as safe food products for anyone.

100% Authentic Pandan Wangi Rice

Natural pandan wangi rice, bleach-free, pesticide-free, artificial fragrance-free.

Nutritional Fact

  • 2.99% Total Fat
  • 2.07% Saturated Fat
  • 66.35 mg/kg Sodium (Na)
  • 76.63% Total Carbohydrate
  • 8.89% Dietary Fiber

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