Instant Corn Flour

Our Instant Corn Flour is made from pure organic corn. It is a great choice for baby food ingredients, especially for children who are allergic to milk or gluten.


It is easy to prepare. You only need to add some hot water and stir the mixture. You can add milk, broth, chia seed, yeast, olive oil, or other ingredients to meet the nutritional need of your kids.

This instant flour comes from organic ingredients that are free from chemicals, pesticides, and food coloring. It's packed and processed using modern technology to create healthy and hygienic flour that can be consumed by everyone.

Corn Flour

Nutritional Fact

  • Serving Size: 30gr
  • Total Energy: 120kcal

  • Fat: 1,5gr
  • Protein: 3gr
  • Carbohydrate: 23gr
  • Fiber: 4gr
  • Glucose: 0gr

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